Music: Praise The Risen LORD - Kayode Omosa

Our lives begin from Resurrection. Who we are and what we have are products of His resurrection. So our praise focuses not on temporal things but on CHRIST THE RISEN LORD and His current status;
He is Glorified, Magnified and Exalted forevermore and
He is in us Sanctified, we are in Him Justified
We're exalted forevermore.

Its a song for all Seasons for all believers and invitation for all those who are yet to believe.

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We praise the risen Lord2×
If He had not risen
What would have becomed of our faith 
We praise the risen Lord

Exalted risen Lord2x
If He had not risen
What would have becomed of our faith 
Ecalted risen Lord

The one that is the risen
Is the same that is exalted 
And His name is exalted
Far above any other names
In heaven on earth and even earth below
And that name is JESUS

Jesus Jesus
If You had not....

You Glorified Magnified
Exalted forevermore

I'm in You Glorified
You're in me Magnified 
Exalted forevermore

You're in me Santified
I'm in You Justified
Exalted forevermore

Exalted, I'm  in you exalted

Accepted, I'm in You accepted 

Perfected, I'm in You perfected

Contented, I'm in You contented

Our praise focuses on the present day status of the risen Lord.
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