Gospel Music: THANK YOU LORD | @ Peter Israel

Peter is a graduate of international relations from an international university, a producer, consultant, speaker/preacher and Nigerian. With years of musical experience (among other fields), he's worked with diverse artistes and musicians, and has belted successes as producer and music director for different individuals and groups.

His music career started at his very beginning, when as a little boy, he'd align Tins and Woods to simulate a drum set, and away! he'd bang right on those. That energy then transcended into him serving as the only child in an adult choir. Things kept moving till he bagged a certificate in music.

He is a voracious writer and author of two lite books. Among other positions, he has served as percussionist, bass player, drummer, pianist, singer and pastor in several groups and worship places. Currently a trainer and consultant to different religious, nonreligious and academic groups, he's very passionate about the Body of Christ, Sharpening Disciples, and Yieldedness to the Word of God.


Come on the journey, connect via @thepeterisrael on IG, facebook.com/thepeterisrael and @isrtv on Twitter. Contact management for inquiry or anything else on [email protected]

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