Music: I Know Who I Am ~ Arese Daniels [@AreseDaniels]

Music: I Know Who I Am ~ Arese Daniels [@AreseDaniels]
The principle of God’s Word as laid out in the New Testament is a mirror principle (2 Corinthians 3:18, Romans 8:29).
God’s desire is for us to be conformed to the express image of His Son, Jesus Christ, who is the exact replica of the Father and we can only become “it” in our proclamation of “it”. Unless and until you declare who you are, you will never become “it.” You are the reflection of what you say. The more you say “It”, the more you become “it”.
So keep saying who you are in Christ and you will become “IT.”
I present to you, my new single “I KNOW WHO I AM.” Keep declaring “IT” and remain ever blessed. – Arese Daniels.

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